Have questions about Therapy?

With virtual therapy/telehealth clients will be emailed a link that will connect you and the therapist. The link, will be a secure platform prior to each session. Clients will be able to login at the time of session from a location with WiFi on either a phone or laptop with a working camera.

I do not offer in-person therapy at the moment but I am hoping to do so in the next year.

All individual sessions are $160 and couples therapy sessions are $180. If you are unable to make your appointment, please call or email to either cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before the scheduled session (business days, Monday-Friday). For no shows and late cancellations, there is a charge of $160 for individual and $180 for couple’s therapy. I take insurance and clients paying out of pocket.

You can either reach me at (414) 394-0233, email me at Ninadismukes@rebalancetherapymbs.com , or fill out the contact information. You will then receive the link for our sessions as well as initial paperwork to fill out. From there, we will move forward with our first initial session.

Each client requires a different treatment plan and each client comes in with their own differences. Therapy is an evolving process, and it is not linear, it takes time to process things out and heal. As clients grow through what they go through in therapy -so do their needs, goals, and outcomes. As time moves on clients are able to change their duration of therapy sessions. I typically see clients weekly, otherwise we can plan for bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, or monthly. Whatever fits best for you. 

Overall, yes what is discussed during each session legally cannot be shared outside of the room. Information can however be shared if clients sign a release of information (ROI) to other parties. By law, confidentiality can also be broken if 1. the therapist suspects any child or elder abuse. 2. Client inflects self-harm to themselves, therapist will create a safety plan and involve authority figures if measures call for it. 3. If client threatens others and treats made for serious bodily harm to another person. If using insurance, insurance companies are able to read case notes.